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At Tagus Labs, our mission is to equip Web3 founders with the tools they need to thrive in the Defi space, providing avenues to maximize the value of Native Rewards from Liquid Staking and Restaking Tokens.


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Robust, Scalable Blockchain Solutions


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Innovative CDP protocol enabling seamless access to competitive, data-driven savings rate across multiple chains supporting LST and LRTs as collateral


Leading Liquid Restaking SuperDapp supporting both native and Isolated Liquid Restaking

Staking Circle

A non-profit connecting builders and stakers in the realm of LRTi to create the largest network of staking professionals

Ankr Staking

The first Liquid Staking Platform, revolutionizing asset liquidity and network security in the Defi industry

Staking Watch

Comprehensive Staking Metrics Platform providing critical insights on LSTs and LRTs across diverse blockchain ecosystems

RPC List

Advanced RPC endpoint platform offering detailed performance metrics across multiple networks

Navi Protocol

Defi Integration Hub streamlining transactions and interoperability between traditional and decentralized Finance

Ionic Money

Collateral Optimization Tool boosting yield and liquidity across multiple Defi platforms

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